Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing a Small Role in Extending T1D Awareness

Last fall we were fortunate to have the opportunity to get involved with Riley Children’s Foundation and their fundraising efforts. They invited us to be a part of a video production that was played at their Annual Luncheon, where donors and supporters are invited to hear and see the impact that their generosity has. Each year at this event they highlight a few diseases by interviewing families impacted by it and doctors and researchers treating and studying it. This year, T1D was one of the diseases being emphasized so we were asked to participate. While not the camera loving type, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. We considered this to be a great way to help extend awareness of the disease and how it impacts our families. We also saw this as another opportunity for Emerson to get more comfortable with having the disease and others knowing about it. The more she realizes that she is normal, even though she may have a couple more devices / tools than most kids, the better prepared she will be to deal with kids that try to make her feel less than special as she gets older.

The video was recently made available to us and we have posted it in case anyone is interested in seeing it. At the event we were also happy to see that T1D research was one of the featured articles in their Annual Report, and our story was part of that story. The more eyes focused on this disease the better – both for our kids and those that haven’t yet been diagnosed!

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