Thursday, October 4, 2012

Go Redhead's Walkers

Our local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is this weekend, and we have been busy preparing for it.  We have nearly 30 walkers this year and can't wait to show off our team shirts.  The walk theme this year is Treasure the Cure and the kids (and probably some adults too) are dressing up likes pirates. 

Emerson is extremely excited for her walk and asked if she could draw a picture asking for donations and  hang it on our door (although I'm pretty sure our UPS man will be the only one to see it).  As you can see below, she proudly displayed her sign that reads "Will you donate to my walk.  Love Emerson" and continues at the bottom with "My walk theme is a pirate."  We are also displaying one of our Diabetes Awareness wreaths (to see our Etsy shop, click here). And lastly, we displayed a yard sign that was provided by JDRF this year.  We hope to have a great walk this weekend and will post pictures soon!