Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Insulin Pump Site Change

Over the weekend, we took a video of Emerson’s pod change (see video below).  We created the video for a few reasons.  When Emerson first started podding she was a bit apprehensive of pod changes.  We think this was mostly due to an audible “click” that occurs during the automatic insertion with the OmniPod.  In addition, the insertions can be temporarily painful depending on if the cannula contacts a nerve when entering.  This also likely contributed to the worry early on until she realized any discomfort was the exception and is generally short-lived. Helping us get to that point was a video of Caleb that shows him happily going through the pod change process.  Watching this video during our own pod changes for awhile helped us quickly get to where Emerson has no anxiety whatsoever.  So we wanted to do the same in the hopes that it can also be helpful to other T1Ds, especially any other princesses out there that would benefit by seeing another young girl get through the experience unaffected.

We also wanted to give anyone thinking about becoming a pumper and considering going with OmniPod an idea of the process – particularly how quick and easy it becomes after a few instances.  Finally, for those using other pumps, we thought this might be helpful to make comparisons between site changes.  I know we sometimes wonder how things are done with other pumps and figured others are curious as well.

Hope this is valuable and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any question for us.


  1. Aw - what a sweetie! Thanks for bringing this video to my attention. You guys make it look so easy, and not a single flinch at insertion! Way to go!!!!
    Skin Tac in a bottle? Cool! I've only seen the wipes. We learn something new every day. :) Our best to you - Caleb and Lorraine :)

  2. I have to show that to Luke - that's great! She's super cute. :)
    So Skin Tac keeps the pod on, even with pulling pants up and down and running around? Luke just started using the toilet himself a few months ago, and pants sometimes get a little hung up on the pod. We've been using Flexifix tape around the edges of the pod, but I'd like to try Skin Tac to keep the footprint smaller.
    Does it come off pretty easily with mineral oil, or do you have to use Unisolve?

    1. Skin Tac is great. We used to tape every pod but now we rarely need to, and they even hold up through gymnastics. When she first started podding, she had issues with pulling her pants up over them. We always had to remind her to go up and over...eventually it became a habit and she still does it even when the pod is on her arm!

      We use Unisolve to remove the pods, or if she takes a long bath, we can peel them right off. You should definitely give it a try.

  3. Thanks - good to know!