Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet and Greet with Charlie Kimball

Emerson won a contest sponsored by JDRF and Novo Nordisk, and the prize was a meet and greet with Charlie Kimball on Carb Day at the race track and tickets to the Indy 500.  We are huge race fans and were excited for Emerson to have her first experience at a race and to meet Charlie. 

In the meet and greet with Charlie, Emerson received an autographed poster and race car.  She and Charlie even shared CGM sites.  In the picture below, Charlie is pointing to his stomach were he was wearing his CGM sensor.  Emerson was ecstatic about meeting him and getting a blue and orange race car.  Our time with him was very brief but he seemed like a very nice gentleman. 


We sat in the Novo Nordisk area at the Indy 500 on Sunday and people were sporting a lot of blue and orange.  Unfortunately, Charlie did not win the race but we hope to see him back in Indy next year.

A big thanks to JDRF and Novo Nordisk for a great weekend.  (And a big thanks to diabetes for playing nice for the weekend!)


  1. How Cool! We also live in Indiana, Terre Haute in fact,and go to Riley for my daughter's endo appointments. I came across your blog while trying to find reviews on the Omnipod. My daughter is 15 and has had T1D since age 4. She has been pumping for 9 years. We have used the Deltec Cozmo and she is currently on the Ping. I really like the idea on the pod being tubeless. Are you still loving the pod? Also, I was surprised to learn that Emerson has a CGM. Every time I have mentioned it to her doctor she has dismissed the idea. Do you like it? Has is helped control her BS? Thanks for all the helpful info!!

    1. Hi there. It's always nice to hear from people from Indiana (although I wish it was something other than diabetes bringing us together).

      Yes, we still love the pod. There are days when we have a love/hate relationship with it, but we can't see Emerson using any other pump and she doesn't want to. We should be receiving the new smaller pod this week so we hope to have it up and running before school starts. Have you looked into it?

      Emerson got a CGM in December. If you want to send me your email address at redheadliving@gmail.com, I will tell you about how we got a CGM. There's no tricks...just a lot of bugging!