Friday, April 20, 2012

First Flight

Jim had to travel to Florida for a few days this week for work so Emerson and I decided to join him…our first experience flying post-diagnosis.  We have heard many different stories – some good, some bad - about traveling with a T1D and getting through security with a pump, insulin and other supplies so we didn’t know what to expect.  Getting through the Indianapolis airport was a breeze…Emerson had to have her hands swabbed and that was it!  We assumed that departing Florida wouldn’t be so smooth but it was even easier.  Emerson went through security like all other passengers – no swabbing, no pulling out insulin, nothing!  We are taking a family vacation next month, and we hope it goes just as smooth!


  1. So she just wore the Pod through the metal detector? Did the PDM go through the baggage scanner? Great that it went so smoothly!

    1. Yes, Emerson went through the metal detectors in both airports that we traveled through and neither of them alarmed (which we were told in Indy that she probably would alarm).

      The PDM did go through the baggage scanner in a backpack, along with all her other supplies, including insulin, syringes and the lancing device – also with no issues. Hopefully things go this smoothly every time…but I am not counting on it!