Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A couple of weeks ago after swim lessons Emerson was talking to another little redhead (for some reason redheads seem to bond).  During their conversation, the young girl who was probably 7 or 8, noticed Emerson’s Bands 4 Life pump cover and asked about it.  Since Emerson always tells people that she is wearing a pod (easily confused with an iPod), I chimed in and told the girl it was an insulin pump.  The young girl said that her dad used to wear an insulin pump.  She went on about her business and chatted with her friend.  However, when she was leaving the locker room, I heard her say to Emerson “Type 1, right?” and off she went.

We are always glad when others ask Emerson about her pod as it gives her the opportunity to get comfortable talking about it at a young age and to help further awareness.  But it is great when she is exposed to other kids that have some familiarity with T1D as it helps to make her realize that she is no different than anyone else.

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  1. I love it when that happens! Not that I'm happy to find that someone belongs to the T1 club, but it is great for kids to have moments when it's just part of everyday life. I'm always surprised at how often T1 crops up.